Greenworks Recycling

Who We Are

Help us save the planet: RECYCLE!

Recycling is extremely important as waste, which we humans produce in voluminous amounts, has a massively negative impact on nature.  Recycling saves energy and fuel because we don’t have to create items from scratch, from raw materials – in turn saving natural resources. By diverting materials from the waste stream, and either recycling, upcycling, or reusing – we can make the world a greener, cleaner, healthier place.

Why should you recycle?

Reduces the need to mine and harvest natural resources to produce raw materials; reduces energy, fuel, and water consumption of manufacturing processes; reduces harmful emissions by releasing less chemicals and greenhouse gasses from trash and refuse into the atmosphere; in many cases, reduces the manufacturing cost of products we use everyday – which can serve to keep retail prices down; creates jobs in the solid waste recycling industry; reduces pollution and increases air and water quality.

Why Greenworks?

Greenworks Recycling offers services to fit your recycling needs. We service both residential and commercial locations. Pick-ups can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or as needed.  Contact us to schedule a pick-up or find out more. Thanks for your interest!  Keep up the good fight.


Greenworks Recycling operates under Public Service Commission #F-7567 and Department of Transportation #2786720.