In your column a couple weeks ago, you mentioned empty prescription pill containers not being recyclable. However, my husband reuses these containers by storing $10 worth of quarters in each one. ~Reuse When Possible

Dear Reuse When Possible,

Great idea. Not only is your husband keeping the pill bottles out of the trash, he is saving money. If any reader has an idea for reusing non-recyclable items, I would love to hear about them. I will pass your ideas on to readers in a future column.

I have been collecting the rubber bands from delivered newspapers. Is there anyone who can use these? ~Reader

Dear Reader,

Great thinking on how to “reuse.” I spoke with the WV Daily News and they thought it was a great idea. Besides office use, the newspaper carriers can use them to prepare newspapers for delivery. Accumulate bands of all sizes in a baggie, then take them to the Daily News office on Foster Street or put them in their after-hours mail slot.