I found some Wool Dryer Balls at Walmart the other day that are supposed to reduce drying time and are reusable. Do you know anything about them? ~Sounds Good

Dear Sounds Good,

I haven’t used the wool balls yet, but after I read your question I went to Walmart and purchased some. These balls are made of 100% sheep’s wool with no chemicals added. They are clearly sustainable and environmentally friendly. The balls work by bouncing around in your dryer and separating the clothes. This bouncing increases the hot air flow which shortens drying time and saves on energy. My research says they soften clothes naturally and reduce winkles, lint and pet hair. All this, plus they save you money as they can be used several hundred times and dryer sheets are not needed. Sounds like a win-win to me. Readers, if you have used these balls, please let us know if they are as good as they sound. recyclelady@greenbrier-swa.com