Greenworks to Restart Services May 4th

Greenworks to Restart Service

Proposed Schedule

Greenworks intends to get back out there and accomplish Public Works pickups for Lewisburg City residents, starting Monday, May 4th.

The plan will be to restart pickups the week of the 11th for our private pay customers throughout Greenbrier County.

The situation is dynamic and fluid and could change, this is current as of today. Any changes or modifications to this schedule will be posted and discussed here.

Protected Team, Following Guidelines

We are developing and offering training to our team, as well as relevant PPE for their protection. Our Techs will operate alone to provide for distancing between the team; and we ask that customers please follow the distancing guidelines as well if and when interacting with Greenworks folks.

Bagged Materials Only

To protect our staff and our community, we may only pickup and stockpile materials at the moment. We will at a point in the future return to our stockpile, finish sorting and process it for recycling.

Loose materials increase the risk to our workers. We will only pick up BAGGED MATERIALS plus CARDBOARD. NO GLASS. Please break down cardboard as per usual and bind it or fill one of the larger boxes with your broken down cardboard.

Please understand that loose materials or materials in bins, etc will not be picked up.

Thank You for Your Patience

We appreciate you folks that have continued to recycle during this challenging time. Many of you have large stockpiles built up. We are going to try our best to serve the community, as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Onward and upward! Please call 304.661.7793 if you have questions. Thank you.