Change to Plastic #1 Recycling

Only Bottles / Jugs Currently Accepted

The vendor who buys #1 (PET/PETE) plastics from the Greenbrier Recycling Center is NOW purchasing only #1 water/beverage bottles and jugs. (As always please remove lids.)

They are no longer accepting the #1 plastic clamshell containers for fruits and berries, spinach, etc; or pill bottles or other items marked with a #1 or #01.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Any/all #1 plastic items that are not bottles and/or jugs will be sorted out of recycling materials and will end up in the landfill.

Please do not include those items with your recyclable materials for the time being.

If/when a new vendor is found or the current vendor starts accepting those materials again – we will update you ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding. Keep up the good fight, folks.