Updated Greenworks Policies

Customers, friends and community members,

Would like to take a moment to explore and clarify our policies and procedures.

Public Works Program

Greenworks, in partnership with the City of Lewisburg and its Public Works – serves Lewisburg residents within City limits with curbside pickups, every other week. Monday the 18th will begin the next active week. All materials accepted as noted below except glass; paid glass add-on service available.

Greenworks Customers

Greenworks serves residents and businesses within Greenbrier County with private-pay service on customized schedules.


When a holiday is observed, all missed pickups will occur the following business day. Visit here for full Schedule and Holidays info.

Materials Accepted

Plastics #1 – Water and soda bottles, other materials marked with a 1 or 01
Plastics #2 Clear – See-through milk jugs and other jugs marked with a 2
Plastics #2 Color – Color and non-transparent jugs, detergent jugs, etc
Cardboard – Corrugated cardboard, product packaging, paper egg crates
Aluminum – Soda / beer cans
Tin / Steel – Soup cans, other tin items
Newspaper – Non-glossy newspaper
Magazines – Glossy, magazines, brochures, newspaper promotional inserts
Office Paper – Printer paper, envelopes, letters
Glass – Brown, Clear, & Green
Corded Electronics
NO – Grocery bags / Styrofoam / batteries / TVs / monitors / plastics #3-7

Materials Preparation

All material types should be bundled, bagged, or boxed individually. Please thoroughly rinse all bottles, cans, jugs, and containers.

Plastics must be bagged/boxed and may be combined (include both #1 and #2). Please remember, NO plastics #3-7. Public Works customers, please use the yellow bag.

Metals must be bagged/boxed and may be combined (include both aluminum and steel). Public Works customers, please use the orange bag.

Newspaper, Office Paper, Magazines, and Cardboard should be clean, dry and placed in grocery bags or tied in bundles with twine around each side (no wire please), or placed in boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes need to be flattened. Cereal boxes need to have inside liners removed and be flattened.

Glass may be kept in bins or boxes. We accept brown, clear, and green glass only.

Materials that are mixed and unsorted, or loose, or include un-recyclable materials will be left.


If you have questions, issues, or to sign up for recycling pickups, send us a note or drop us a line, 304.661.7793. At your service.