Is the Greenbrier Valley Solid Waste Company part of the Greenbrier County Solid Waste Authority? Their names are so similar. I thought they were the same until a friend said they were not. ~Confused

Dear Confused,

Your friend is correct, although the two are often confused. The Greenbrier VALLEY Solid Waste Company, which is the trash hauler for Greenbrier County, is a privately-owned business. The Greenbrier COUNTY Solid Waste Authority is an agency of the state of WV, governed by a Board of Directors. The Board meets every third Tuesday at the Recycling Center in Ronceverte and welcomes guests.

Are there websites I can check out for more information on recycling and protecting the environment? ~Most Curious

Dear Most Curious,

Yes, there are several excellent websites that give information about recycling. is one of my favorite sites. It has a great search feature that will answer most any question that you have. The websites and are two other good sites. There are two local websites, Greenworks Recycling and Greenbrier County Solid Waste Authority that have recycling information as well as past Dear Recycle Lady columns. Hopefully, you will find these sites interesting and full of useful information.